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My senior project, during college, was a portrait project that ironically took me two years to complete. It was an elaborate plan that involved surveys with my extended family to be completed before the photography session was ever planned. A pair of two-page surveys of unassuming, but not effortless questions were sent out and returned by grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings and so on. Answers to questions like, “define your soul”, “what’s your sign”, “if you could be any movie star past or present who would you be”, were completed in varying degrees of length and detail.

One question listed was “What is your favorite season and why?”. Multiple answers for summer, fall and winter were returned, for just as many reasons. But only one came back spring. At the time, I had fewer responsibilities in life, no mortgage payments to make, no children to feed. I could appreciate summer, the fall color even curling up and reading a book on a sunny winter’s day. However, spring was not on my radar. It involved mud, rain and clean up.

“The first day of spring, the vernal equinox—the season of renewal when the earth sheds its winter cloak, flowers bloom, and the heart feels as though everything is once again imaginable” – Galen Watson

Like so many others things of youth that once lived thru we shake our heads at, I now shake my head with a slight smirk and a brief role of the eyes. Mortgage payments are regular things now, my children have bottomless pits for stomachs, books take me weeks to read vs. days, there are never enough hours to get things done, I blink and a week has passed by. Spring is no longer a season I take for granted. It is a chance for me to pause, regain my bearing and take a much needed breath. It is no longer represented by browns, but by the blues of warmer skies and the greens of new life.

It is renewal for so many aspects of life, not ironic that it is the perfect time to renew our brand and web site. We celebrate 9 years as a studio this April and I am pleased to be writing our first blog post introducing our updated site and renewed logo. Though we intend to showcase more of our imagery in blogs to come, I wanted to start off with a bit more ceremony. I also want to take this time to thank the people who helped make this transition happen. We are so lucky to work with such talented people and I am so proud of our team!

So for those of you that have made it through the whole first blog; I leave you with this…

A breath of fresh air, blue skies and the green of new life – Happy Spring!


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