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A study in black and white

Every Sunday, after church, my family would return home, change into something a bit more comfortable and hunker down in the living room to watch T.V. as family time. More often than not, the shows were classic Dagwood and Blondie or Abbot and Costello. Perhaps a movie with Fred and Ginger dancing to a merry tune or one of my father’s favorites: John Wayne (in anything from western to war). I was raised on black and white films and Time Life books from my parents’ library. Far off places and people with soul searching expressions. Now, I will be honest, at a young age, I did enough complaining that we might have to watch another show without color. “What was the point?”… “Why did we own a color T.V.?” Something, however, ¬†stuck deep in the genes, and it’s not a coincidence that my major was Photography, but my emphasis was black and white. There is a peaceful beauty about black and white imagery that can’t quite be captured with the color version. Though color’s high impact energy typically works perfectly for children, with bright clothing and bold colored toys, this little one’s shoot spoke volumes once that color was taken away!



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Sweater Weather

Fall Into Photos

The leaves may have left us, but there is still plenty of time for outdoor photo fun. Tall grasses, barren trees, abandoned buildings and urban landscapes all lend themselves perfect for a new background for family pictures. Pull out those sweaters, scarves and adventurous spirits and hit the outdoors for a little family togetherness.


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Take 10

Take 10: A creative challenge

Zipping thru the alley across the street, I spied a great pair or rusty old bikes. Being a lover of color and texture, I did a double take and then couldn’t resist taking out the phone to snap a few… The first shot was definitely documentary, “two bikes with an old story”, then closer, and closer still. Soon I wondered how many different ways the bikes could be shot without moving them. Luckily it was the phone camera, upside down would have been a bit harder with the Mark II.

Quite often I’m asked what to do to get a “good” picture, sometimes it’s just about taking a bit more time and looking at it from a fresh perspective. Everything has a story, try to tell that story from a different angle. The challenge? Spend 10 minutes getting close and personal with an object, working toward a goal of walking away from the experience with 10 different images. Have fun!


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Tuesday Color Treat

Mist Grey

Adieu, adieu, we bid a fond farewell to the silvery grey skies of winter and welcome the sweet pastels of spring.

m grey-2.jpg

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Radio Red

Radio Red

Just as winter hints at being over, teasing us with the first signs of spring, we are once again blanketed in snow. Longing for the warmth that comes with summer months, this Tuesday is dedicated to the Hot Reds that remind us of racing down neighborhood hills in our radio flyer wagon. Enjoy the heat, winter is bound to end…

Radio Red.jpg

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